There is a Place in Auburn for Everyone

Leaving home for the first time, by yourself, may seem like a scary thought at first. Many incoming students wonder how they’ll make friends or if they’ll be able to continue to do what they love while at school. Attending Auburn University will make all of those worries go away. There are so many different opportunities in Auburn that no matter what you’re interested in, there are people, places and things to do that will allow you to continue to do what you love and make friends along the way.


Best Buddy Reveal

Want to be a Helping Hand?

Helping others is a great way to get involved in the community, make friends and feel good! There are so many different opportunities at Auburn for you to do just that. Best Buddies, Project Uplift, and Storybook Farms all offer students year-round volunteer positions to be a buddy to, mentor or help out those in the community. Don’t be discouraged if a year-round gig is too much to put on your plate, throughout the year there are so many different events you can donate or attend that go to various different causes or organizations. Auburn University Miracle Network’s Dance MarathonBeat Bama Food Drive, and sorority philanthropy events are all ways you can give back and get involved while maintaining your busy schedule. Many students also go on mission trips over the various breaks throughout the school year with the Auburn Outreach program.

Sports, Sports, Sports…

Auburn Athletic Recruiters on the Field.If you just can’t get enough of a good game of ball, whether it be watching, playing in or producing a sports game, you’ll never be bored with Auburn Athletics. Other than football, all Auburn sporting events are open and free to students, and almost every student who wants to go to a certain football game will be able to get a ticket. The university also allows for all students to join numerous club and intramural sports, so no matter your skill level, if you want to play you can. If you’re not on the athletic side and are more interested in producing a sports game, nothing is stopping you here. Auburn offers multiple sports production courses and internships where you have the opportunity to work with Eagle Eye TV, SEC Network and ESPNU.

For Food Fanatics…

Shrimp and Grits Meal

There’s no need to worry about missing your mother’s cooking when you get to Auburn.  Auburn is known to never to disappoint when  you’re in need of a good home-cooked or crave-quenching meal. If you’re from somewhere on the coast and looking for seafood, then The Depot is the place for you. Big Blue Bagel is a frequent stop for many students who crave that fresh New York bagel taste in the morning. For students in search of Tex-Mex food, Taco Mama is most people’s go-t0. Auburn’s campus and downtown is home to a variety of delicious cuisines, like hand-rolled sushi at Village Dining, a classic Italian meal at Ma Fia‘s in Opelika, southern comfort food at The Hound, or a casual meal of nachos and chips form Momma Goldberg’s Deli; the list goes on and on. Auburn University also offers courses where students can learn about food nutrition, how to store and grow certain foods, how to cook and style food, and even on tasting foods.

Indoors Rock Climbing Wall

Adore Outdoor Activities?

Just four miles down the road from campus is Chewacla State Park. At Chewacla you’ll find a trail to hike, rivers where to fish, kayak or go for a swim in, or you can relax and take a nap in an eno listening to the flow of the waterfall. On campus, joining Auburn Outdoors, an adventure-based program, would be the perfect opportunity for you to make friends and have fun by going on adventurous camping, rock-climbing or kayaking trips.

Got Games?

When you just can’t step away from a video game and need a friend to join you, the Auburn Computer Gaming Club might be the right fit for you. The Auburn University’s Student Center has an entire game room full of x-box, wii, and arcade games for anyone to play in between classes. If you ever get bored playing in the student center or are just looking for a different way to challenge your mind, head to the Escape Zone, where you have to find different clues in order to escape a locked room.

Two girls modeling for a boutique.

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion…

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends at college is easier than it may

seem. Auburn’s downtown is filled with trendy boutiques full of necklaces, shoes and every clothing item you can think of. The boutiques also hire students to model their clothes and run their online-shopping websites. If staying in style isn’t enough for you, the Auburn Fashion Merchandising and Design Association puts on a fashion show each year that you can get involved in. Apparel merchandising students first design the clothes, then students from all over campus walk down a huge runway modeling the clothes.


Painting cactus' on porch

Calling all Artists

If you have an artistic eye, you might find yourself spending a lot of time at the Jules Collin Smith Museum of Fine Art. The museum frequently gets new exhibits, so it will never get boring. Another great place for you to go, if you’re looking to create art rather than look at it would be Spirited Art, an art school in Auburn. There are many different courses where you can learn about the history of art, or how to create it.


Bulldog puppy chewing on Toomer's Lemonade cup.

Attention All Animal Lovers

Don’t worry,if you’re apartment or dorm doesn’t allow pets, you can certainly find a way around that in Auburn, on or off campus. Students can take a class where you walk training dogs for credit, yes for credit! You can get even more involved with animals by volunteering at the Southeastern Raptor Center, a wildlife rescue service center, or the Lee County Humane Society.


Auburn University offers students hundreds of opportunities to get involved, meet friends and do what you love. There are many organizations and clubs for students to join if they so please, for example the Student Government Association, music bands and youth groups. To find more information on events and organizations to get involved in, visit AU Involve.

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