Emily Klippenstein, the Girl on the Run

Emily prepares to go on a backpacking adventure.Auburn senior Emily Klippenstein was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, but spent much of her childhood in Saskatchewan, Canada. She developed an adventurous side and love for travel at a young age, and it has only grown since. When deciding where to go to college, Klippenstein wasn’t going to let her passion for travel die down. She came across Auburn’s well-reviewed and renowned Joseph S. Bruno study abroad program in Italy. Once she toured Auburn she fell in love with it and that finalized everything, Auburn was the college for her.

Study abroad experience…

Emily Klippenstein posing for a picture in Rome, Italy.

“I came to Auburn for this specific program and signed up for it when I was at Camp War Eagle,” she says. The highly anticipated trip took place last fall, when Klippenstein studied in Ariccia, Italy. She went into the experience not knowing anyone, and came out of it with friendships that will last a lifetime.

“The overall experience was amazing, I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” she said. “I got to experience so many new places with a completely new set of people, it was incredible.”

In Italy, Klippenstein met locals, learned the language and gained a deep understanding for Italians and their culture. She stayed in touch with many of the locals after she left, and just recently went back to visit them.

How to travel the world as a full-time student…

Emily Klippenstein snowboarding in Park City, Utah.

Klippenstein is a full time student at Auburn, and has been since she began in fall 2014. She has mastered how to balance school work and travel. Saving her summer work earnings and scheduling her classes to make longer weekends has been the key for her ability to travel so often, while in school.

Over the past year, Klippenstein has traveled to seven different countries and twenty-five different cities. “Choosing where I travel takes a lot of consideration. Being in college, the budget for fun is limited so I’ve learned to travel smart,” she says. “I focus on cities that I have free places to stay, which minimizes lodging costs… I tend to check cost of flights every other day, at least, just to stay on top of them and find the cheapest flight.”

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