Helpful Hints on How to Turn an Old Dorm Room into your New Home

Moving out of your childhood home into a dorm may seem scary, but is one of the best college experiences. On move-in day you may be already counting down the days until you can upgrade, but when that day comes you’ll never want to leave. Living in a college dorm is a true learning experience. It will soon become your safe space and home to your first college memories. Make your dorm feel like home from the moment you step into it by listening Auburn students’ words of wisdom.

Talk it Out

Many students find out who their roommates is a few months before move-in. A great way to ease into that relationship, and to get to know one another, is to plan out your room style and talk about what you each plan to bring. “My roommate and I texted all summer long about our room, I felt like I already knew her, it really moving in and officially meeting each other not so awkward ,” said Monica Dougherty.

Dorm bed with coffee and computer.Get Comfy

Your room is one of the few places on a college campus where you can go to relax and have your own quiet-time. Dorm rooms are notorious for their uncomfortable mattresses. To make jumping onto your bed feel like jumping onto a cloud, bring a foam mattress pad to put on top of your mattress. Jessica Albericci said, “I had a featherbed mattress topper, a down comforter and more pillows than you could imagine… I swear, my dorm room bed was comfier than my bed at home.”

Home is Where your Heart is

For many students, moving into their college dorm is moving out of their childhood home for the first time. Bringing something from home, like your favorite painting hanging in your living room or a pillow from the couch, can remind you of home and make you feel more comfortable. Using your old home color palette to style your new room can be another easy fix to making you feel more at home in your new place. “I came to Auburn from California, so adding a few things that reminded me of home made me feel a little closer to home,” said Will Fortier.

Various types of air-cleaning plants.

All About the Aroma

Candles aren’t allowed in most dorm rooms due to fire hazards, but that doesn’t have to stop you from having a fresh-smelling room. Instead, find a low-maintenance air-cleaning herb to purify the air in your new room. “I first got my terrarium freshmen year for my dorm, because I needed a way to keep my room fresh,” said Stephanie Thaler. “I’m a senior now and still have those same plants in my home now, they’re so easy to keep up with and give off a calming vibe.”


Add Personal Touches

In order to make your room feel like home, it’s best to personalize it. Display pictures of you and your friends or family, add pops of your favorite color around the room, or hang your own artwork on the walls. “My roommate and I planned our room so that our sides of the room would match, but having my personal touches really made my side of the room feel like that was my space,” said Rebekah Eller.

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