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News Release

News Release

NEWS RELEASE 1/30/2017 For Immediate Release Media Contacts: Amy Strickland, Office of Sustainability, 334-844-7777 ( Mike Clardy, Office of Communications and Marketing, 334-844-9999 ( Auburn University breaks ground for building the first-ever freshmen-only classroom facility AUBURN, Ala. –Auburn University President Jay Gogue will officially break […]

Social Media Release: Music and Miracles Superfest

Social Media Release: Music and Miracles Superfest

*This Social Media Release was created as a proof of concept only. It is not an official release.   Chicken Salad Chick Foundation: Music and Miracles Superfest 2017   Pitch: The Chicken Salad Chick Foundation will host their second annual Music and Miracles Superfest in […]

The Spirit of the Auburn Family Lasts a Lifetime

The Spirit of the Auburn Family Lasts a Lifetime

Toomers Corner Oak Trees rolled with Toilet Paper by the Auburn FamilyAt age 17, deciding where to go to college was the biggest decisions I had ever had to make. People always talked about how college is supposed to be the best four years of your life. I always asked myself, “How do I know which school is the one for me?” Coming from out of state, I knew I wanted to go to a school that would feel like home. I wanted to go to a school that didn’t make me feel like I was 1,000 miles away from home. The Auburn family showed me that Auburn was just that and more.

Auburn Football and the Auburn Family

I first witnessed it when I attended my first Auburn football game. I saw young boys running around the white tents wearing Auburn football jerseys throwing the ball past an elderly woman. She was wearing orange and blue bows in her hair as she set up her homemade dishes for everyone to enjoy at the tailgate. I saw a girl running up to her parents and introducing them to her new friends with hugs instead of handshakes, and instantaneously it looked as if they had all known each other for a lifetime. I saw the smiles and the looks on everyone in the crowds faces, from 80-year-olds to 8-months-olds, while shaking hands and cheering on the team as they walked through the tiger walk.

I first felt it when I was walking around aimlessly in the Atlanta airport, after I had just said goodbye to my parents to begin my freshman year at Auburn University. I was wearing an Auburn hat waiting to board my plane, I was starting to miss my parents and worry about how I’d make my first friends. I looked up and there was a family sitting across from me and the mother of the family looked at me with the most welcoming and reassuring smile and said, “War Eagle.” I then knew that no matter how far away from my parents I’d be, I would always have a different kind of family around me.

As I sit on Samford lawn sipping my Toomer’s Lemonade, I’m surrounded by a group of students studying and laughing together, a little boy learning how to throw the football with his dad, and an incoming student taking her first picture in front of the Auburn University sign. I now realize that I am a part of it, the Auburn family.

The Spirit is Evident Everywhere, Everyday

The spirit of the Auburn family doesn’t just appear on game days or when graduation comes along, it’s everywhere and it’s forever.

It’s people of all ages, and from all places, gathering to roll the original Toomer’s trees one last time together.

It’s the unity you feel while watching the eagle circle around the Jordan-Hare Stadium to the sound of thousands of fans screaming, “War Eagle!”

It’s a child’s excitement when they get to meet Aubie for the first time, or even the hundredth time.

It’s walking out of Langdon Hall in a big herd of students being squeezed together, all to make sure nobody steps on the seal on their way out of class.

It’s making dozens of new friends on Hey Day.

It’s during finals week when almost every seat in library is taken and a group of strangers let you sit at their table to study with them.

It’s the goosebumps you get when you hear Rod Bramblett’s voice screaming “Auburn’s gonna win the football game, Auburn’s gonna win the football game!”

There truly is a miracle in Jordan-Hare, and that miracle is the spirit of the Auburn family that unites us all and stays with us forever. Alabama fans may love Nick Saban and Georgia fans may love their Bulldogs, but there is nothing like an Auburn fan, who just loves Auburn.

One second is all it takes to become a part of the Auburn family; a family that will last you a lifetime.